Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have a blister on the top of my left foot because I walked 68 000 kms today in stupid shoes. I also have a sunburnt face because it's supposed to be cold but it's really hot. Gaudi went all Dali on me and I never woke from my siesta... Today was epic!

This trip would be worth it if all I saw was Sagrada Familia. SF, you blew my mind.

How did Gaudi get people to look at the design of a building that would take over 100 years to construct and get this reply:

'We don't think you're crazy. We're really loving the whole dripping stone effect, the massive cross you can see as you approach from the sea and the indoor forrest thing you've got going on. The whole concept is really fresh and original. Let's start anyway and see how we go.'

I can't describe the building or take a photo of it that will justify the experience. Let's just say it was thrilling enough to send me clamouring into the queue at the present shop on my way out. I don't think the fridge magnet will be a profound reminder to me of how incredibly creative human beings can be, but it felt right at the time.

Now I am walking the streets of Barcelona inspired by the master, so I go in search of more Gaudi magic.

Parc Guell, here I come!

On Fabio's recommendation, I walk the 5km to Guell park, via Guinardo park, which is on a very steep hill with breathtaking views of the city. It's s big climb but worth it and from up the top I can wave to SF.

I'm not sure about how to get out of this park or in which direction the next park is, so I just start walking. The map I have doesn't have a lot of detail on it, just numbers where stuff is, but I pride myself on the inner compass I was blessed with, so I walk.

I am still walking quite some time later, however I am not resenting the time wandering through the streets of suburbs no one has ever heard of before.

Friendly Barcelonians, I thank you for your guidance! Not always a lot of English going on, but it's incredible what you can discover through gesticulation. And so, I arrive at Parc Guell.

People people people everywhere! But not in a 'I should have waited until it was cold and raining' kind of way. It felt like a big fairytale party. There were children screaming out of the Gaudi house windows, parents screaming at the kids who were screaming, lots of laughing and lounging around the big Gaudi chair for 400, a flamenco guitarist, a Japanese wedding photo shoot, tiles tiles tiles, languages languages languages, adults scrambling with children for a photo on the lizard's back, cameras x infinity! And then the ascension to the top of the park, where I found an insane dirty rocker playing guitar and singing in what he thought was English.

While this was one of the highlights of my day, it wasn't for everyone. There was exception taken to the filthy state of the leopard spandex jumpsuit and the song that started, 'fuck fuck fuck fuck' and then ended like that too, but I loved him. It all fell together for me right there.

Beautiful. Surreal.

Surreal is also how I would describe by trip back to America St. The gesticulation went all sideways and I ended up in a place I can't tell you about because I don't think it's on my map, not that I had much of a chance, because the map I have has now divided itself into 4 separate pieces where the folds were and I can't put it back together.

So after the incorrect bus and a long blistered foot walk, I eventually sucked it up a jumped in a taxi, which dropped me around the corner from where I got in it. Who would have thought my internal compass could have brought me so close to where i needed to be?

Two beers on the terrace + hot shower = siesta. It was about 8pm by then. I never woke up. All plans of Barcelona buildings by night and a paella feast, lost in a state of pure exhaustion.

I have woken this morning in the dark. My stomach is screaming and my feet are wailing. Ready for another day.

Dirty rocker movie and pics on my FB mobile uploads.

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  1. Ahh, I am flying out to Barcelona this afternoon and your posts are making me even more excited about this trip! I've sent you an Fb request, maybe we can catch up some time next week if you're still there and I can get lost with you (post purchase of pair of comfy shoes....).