Friday, October 7, 2011


Sold my soul to 'Bus Touristic'.

You know the big red double decker buses with audio commentary that transport tourists around major world cities? Got on it. Yep... sat up the top in the sun and listened to an English guy with a lisp talk about buildings, harbours, vistas and such. While it was for the most part as daggy as it looks, it was an easy way to get to places that I might otherwise have missed.

I wandered through the Miro exhibition and Gaudi's Casa Batllo, I ate tapas in the Santa Maria del Mar square and fantasised about buying furry hats that I could never wear because I live in Broome. I practiced asking for the bill and the whereabouts of the toilet and I am pleased to say, that people are no longer looking confused when I ask these questions.

Back to America St for a siesta because I am having dinner with Fabio tonight. At 10pm. .???

For dinner: torro rico, rico = bull's tail very, very tasty (that's the 'rico rico' bit)... and it was particularly tasty, although I couldn't get the bits of tail out of my teeth for hours.

Fabio took me for a digestion walk afterwards, through the tiny bar lined streets of a suburb I can't remember the name of now. It may have been Gracia but I can't be sure because the names of the ancient public squares, old buildings, political movements and festivals all got mashed into my sleepy brain, along with the hundreds of people chatting and drinking in the squares and the reasons why they want this particular suburb to become independent of Spain. Just this suburb. (Fabio wasn't sure whether anyone had thought about the logistics of garbage collection and stuff like that.)

There was also a history of South America thrown into the mix, something about wiping out a whole race so that the sheep would have somewhere to go.

Fabio's tour: rico rico

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